Subsea Bolt Tensioning ToolsCompact-8 3 steps

Eight Compact Tensioners Capable of Tensioning Over 400 Standard Flanges
The COMPACT-8 range of subsea bolt tensioning tools brings a new generation of bolting solutions.
Comprised of eight bolt tensioning tools, the COMPACT-8 series is capable of tensioning most standard flanges including the newer Vector SPO* Compact flanges. The COMPACT-8 series is made from high strength stainless steel which greatly reduces mainte- nance work to a minimum after subsea use.
TorcUP subsea bolt tensioning tools have been used around the world since 1996 and have a proven reliability and safety record.

Split Reaction NutSplit Reaction Nuts

The Compact-8 range of subsea Bolt Tensioning tools can be supplied with quick acting Split Reaction Nuts.
Simply mount the tensioning tool over the stud to be tensioned, slide the open reaction nut over the bolt and snap the reaction nut halves together for rapid and reliable assembly.
The rapid speed of fit ensures the most efficient use of expensive diver time.

BTS Bolt Tightening SoftwareBolt Tension Software

Takes the complexity out of bolt tightening calculations.
The use of TorcUP Bolt Load Software package along side the COMPACT-8 range of subsea bolt tensioning tools completely removes the complexity of calculating what pressure to operate the tensioning tools. A complete bolt tensioning project can be defined and rapid joint specific technical datasheets can be produced.

Main Features and BenefitsSubsea

• High strength Stainless Steel material.
• 30mm ram stroke available.
• Compact size for maximum usability on Vector* SPO Compact flanges.
• Quick fitting split reaction nuts available on all models.
• High quality reliable seals. 1000’s of pressure cycles
• Uses industry standard quick connect couplings.
• Non slip tool surface for easy diver handling.
• Fitted with lifting straps for easy diver handling.


Download here: Subsea COMPACT-8 Metric Flyer

Download here: Subsea COMPACT-8 Imperial Flyer

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