Pulley - Belt Alignment Tools

We offers a range of different belt alignment tools to enable accurate alignment for all applications.

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Why we need to align pulleys and belts:

  • Reduces vibration and belt noise
  • Prolongs belt and pulley life
  • Reduces down time and energy costs
  • Fast and easy
  • Shows angular, parallel, and offset simultaneously
  • No training required
  • One-person operation
  • More accurate and efficient than any other tool or conventional method
  • Improved the production process

Samples of misalignment

Pulley misalignment


Selection guide
Designation TKBA 10 TKBA 20 TKBA 40 KX-3500
Easy of use and accuracy with V-belt pulleys ••
Use on other pulley types and chain sprockets •• ••

Optional side adapter TMEB A2 required

Max distance 3m (10ft) 6m (20ft) 6m (20ft) 4,6m (15ft)
Use in sunny environments   ••   ••
Use with aluminium pulleys & sprockets

Use G clamp – to fix on face

Use G clamp – to fix on face

Not recommended

Use G clamp –

to fix on face


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