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  • Solid, full-length bench design provides more usable working space and the flexibility to accommodate additional repair functions. Bench design is suitable for large, heavy cylinders (rated for 6000kg / fixture). Stronger design means machine longevity and improved operator safety.
  • Tool slide plates, together with our proprietary height-adjustable chain vice tools, ensure that any cylinder or rod configuration can be safely secured on the bench and adjusted to a common tool centreheight. This gives the user maximum flexibility in disassembling and reassembling any cylinder configuration.
  • Windows™ Embedded Touch Screen HMI to control bench functions and system limits (such as piston nut torque pre-sets). Complete with operator safety prompts.
  • Integrated Cylinder Pressure Test function with digital export of cylinder test results. Optional Linear Encoder caters for stroke length measurement and automated multi-point cylinder test protocols.
  • True “Single Operator” functionality. Best-of-class operator safety.
  • Optional Nut Cracker Swing Table facilitates access to the piston nut without turning the piston rod or removing the cylinder barrel as with competitive offerings.
  • The Nut Cracker utilises a simple and effective ratchet mechanism for maximum power with hex socket type adapter for piston nuts up to 345mm across flats.
  • Re-assembly is achieved through reverse rotation using the same tooling. Precise control of system pressure allows nuts to be re-torqued to OEM specifications using torque pre-sets entered into the HMI.
  • Inexpensive tooling that can be easily set up and used. Tooling can be purchased individually as required. Tooling inserts can be fabricated to accommodate custom jobs.
  • Bench design is modular and can be extended should the need arise.
  • Full-length oil collection tray for cleaner operation. The oil collection system will capture the residual oil left in the cylinder and transport it back to a waste oil reservoir. This will reduce clean-up costs and improve workplace safety.
  • Lower machine cost, Lower tooling costs, Easier set-up, Safer, Cleaner operation and more flexibility all add up to a more efficient use of your equipment investment and floorspace.

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