Shaft alignment tool accessories

The SKF Shaft Alignment Tools TKSA series are comprehensive tools and suitable for many alignment jobs. The following accessories are available to further expand the usability and allow alignments of an even wider range of applications.


Ordering designations Compatible with shaft alignment tool TKSA
  11 31 41 51 71
Extension chains          
TKSA 11-EXTCH      
TKSA 41-EXTCH      
TKSA 51-EXTCH     • 
TKSA 60/80-EXTCHAIN          
TKSA ROD90      
TKSA ROD150      
TKSA 51-ROD80 •*    
TKSA 51-ROD120 •*    
Magnetic V-brackets          
TKSA 51-VBK    
Spindle brackets          
Sliding brackets          
TKSA 51-SLDBK •**    
Offset brackets          
TKSA EXT50      
TKSA EXT100      
TKSA 51-EXT50    
Magnetic base          
TKSA MAGBASE   •*** •***
Other accessories          
TKSA 11-EBK        
TKSA VBK      
TKSA 41-QR        
TKSA 71/ACCESS      
Note: All items that are compatible with TKSA 71 are also compatible with TKSA 71/PRO, TKSA 71D and TKSA 71D/PRO
* Requires extendable V-Bracket set TKSA 11-EBK for usage with TKSA 11.

** Requires additional rods TKSA 51-ROD80 or TKSA 51-ROD120 for usage with TKSA 11.

*** Requires offset brackets TKSA EXT50 or TKSA EXT100 for usage with TKSA 31 and TKSA 41.

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