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ALPHA-I 4-30

The Sygma™ Alpha Series are robust, reliable, high-precision and multi-functional flange facing machines that every on-site machining service provider must have! The alpha series are available in both ID and OD mounted configurations for all types of flange machining, ring type joint (RTJ) machining, sealing grooves, weld preparation, double drilling and repair of heat exchanger gasket surfaces without any difficulty.

High Quality

With our leading engineering we make the impossible possible.

Toolkit included

A toolkit and manual are included with your purchase.

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Technical Data

Operational Data

Clamping Capacity mm inch
Minimum Clamping 25,4 *2
Maximum Clamping 406 16 *3

Machining Capacity mm inch
Minimum Capacity 25,4
Maximum Capacity 406 16 

*² Based on right cutting tool
*³ Based on neutral cutting tool

case dimensiions Net Weight Overall Height
67x52x39 cm 16 kg 246 mm

General Features

Automatic toolpost

Variable feed adjustment

Variable feed adjustment with preset

Easy leveling

Multiple surface finishes

S Gear system

With our newly developed S-Gear gearbox, you can easily control the surface finish required by the job. With 5 different (preset) axial feed options, this unique gearbox system even allows you to adjust the cutting feed between preset positions when a different surface finish is required. The S-Gear gearbox also allows you to move the cutting tool in both directions, creating an in-and-out feed.

Customise Your Product

Do our standard configuraton not meet your requirements or do you wish some customisation?
Then do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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