TXU SERIES Uniswivel Low Profile Hydraulic Torque Wrench

The Flattest And Most Application Rotatable Hydraulic Bolting Tool In The Industry

The TXU series covers all the bases when it comes to giving you tight clearance application fitment. Not only does this tool address nut circumference issues, it also allows for shorter tool length fitment between application obstructions. With the hose swivel assembly positioned above the tool housing torque can be applied on every application with an accuracy of +/-3%.

Even More Application Adjustable!

  • Made in the USA
  • Three Models From 192 Ft/Lbs to 8,630 Ft/Lbs 260nm. to 11699nm.
  • Every Unit Calibrated In ISO17025 Laboratory
  • Manufactured With AQ Certified Alloys
  • Genuine TorcUP Design

We started with the greatest low clearance hydraulic wrench, the TX series, and made it even more application adjustable. Every limited clearance bolting application poses a challenge, but now with the TXU further problems are solved. With the hose swivel assembly being positioned above the tool the hydraulic cylinder and link length are shortened, thus getting the tool into the “IN BETWEEN” challenging applications.

TX Closed Spanner Wrench WHITE TX TXU slimline

TXU SPLIT LINK TX 1 32 cassette


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