TCHN-BCHN Series Hydraulic Nuts


Series: Top Collar Type and Bottom Collar Type

TorcUP Nuts replace existing hexagon nuts to give a rapid, accurate and uniform bolt load to any bolted joint. The TorcUP Nut offers a method of bolt tensioning multi-bolt applications which greatly improves the integrity of the joint. The speed in which joints can be tensioned and detensioned shows an extraordinary time savings over conventional detachable bolt tensioning systems. An existing oil company has recently reported a massive time saving of 1750% over their old bolt tensioning system, through the use of TorcUP hydraulic nuts.

TCHN Top Hydraulic NutBCHN

The Principle

Hydraulic pressure is applied simultaneously to each TorcUP Nut. All frictional factors connected with conventional bolt tightening methods are alleviated since TorcUP Nuts apply a direct axial force to the bolt which generates bolt elongation. This elongation/tension is permanently retained by means of the load retaining collar. TorcUP Nuts have been designed to be as compact as possible, allowing more nuts to fit on an application. In most cases they produce a residual bolt stress of 45000 lbs/In2 (310N/mm2), which is more than adequate for most bolted joint applications. As pressure is applied to the TorcUP Nuts not only does the bolt elongate but also joint compression occurs. Since many applications incorporate some form of gasket, this joint compression can be substantial. In order to withstand this, all TorcUP Nuts are capable of considerable piston movement. This allows the TorcUP Nuts the ability to tension a complete joint in only one pressurization sequence, which can result in significant high time savings.

TCHN Top Hydraulic Nut BCHN Bottom Hydraulic Nut

Main Features and Benefits

• Standard TorcUP Hydraulic Nuts are suitable for use in temperatures up to 100oC. For temperatures above this level special seals are available, contact TorcUP for further details
• The use of machine cut polyurethane seals, ensures a reliable leak free Tensioning system
• TorcUP Nuts can be used with spherical washers where joint members are badly out of square
• Where the standard TorcUP Nuts are not suitable, special designs are available on request


PressureAssociated Equipment

Use either a TorcUP air driven pump unit or a TorcUP hand operated pump unit to apply pressure to TorcUP Hydraulic Nuts.


Maximum working pressure = 33000 psi : 2275 bar
If the standard Hydraulic Nuts are not suitable TorcUP offers special designs on request.

Download here: TCHN Top Hydraulic Nut - Metric Flyer

Download here: TCHN Top Hydraulic Nut - Imperial Flyer

Download here: BCHN Bottom Hydraulic Nut - Metric Flyer

Download here: BCHN Bottom Hydraulic Nut - Imperial Flyer

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