Hydraulic Wrenches & Pumps

TU Series

The most unique and recognizable square drive hydraulic torque wrench

  • Ergonomically shaped to handle every socket drive application
  • Comprised of the most superior strength alloys available
  • Simplistic durability that provides field proven reliability

SQ Series

The sexiest hydraulic torque wrench with a twist

  • Hose maneuverability enhanced with uni-swivel design
  • Enhanced ergonomic design optimizes fit across a mulitude of applications
  • Lab-tested and field-proven internal technology

TX Series

The original and unmatched truly flat hydraulic torque wrench

  • Application adaptive to resolve fastener clearance variances
  • The strongest materials engineered to the tiniest detail
  • Components specified to endure extended service

TXU Series

The flat and flexible addition to the legendary TX series hydraulic wrench

  • Identical mechanical operational characteristics as standard TX series
  • Offers hydraulic hose uni-swivel set atop of the flat cylinder body
  • Fully interchangeable with standard and slimline series TX links

EP Series

The most durable electric hydraulic wrench pump produced

  • Versatile and adaptable to worldwide electric supply standards
  • Harsh environment and heavy duty application specific
  • Complete package to operate any hydraulic wrench

AP Series

The pump of choice for use in explosive vapor environments

  • Total pump operation through pneumatic pressure drive
  • Complete system for filter and lubrication of air supply
  • Complete package to operate any hydraulic wrench

SV Series

Continuous speed ratcheting combined with the power to torque

  • Electronically controlled constant speed cycling for quick fastener rundown
  • Simple two button operation for speed cycling and final torque setting
  • Complete package to operate any hydraulic wrench

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