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TMBH 5 portable induction heater

A light and compact solution for bearing heating

The TMBH 5 portable induction heater is used to heat and mount roller bearings onto a shaft with an interference fit. It is versatile enough to be used in a range of situations – including at a work bench, on the factory floor or out in the field. Typical applications include maintenance and service jobs on assets such as gearboxes, pumps, fans and blowers.

The device features near-silent performance and weighs only 3 kg, thanks mainly to the use of sophisticated medium-frequency technology. It features an induction clamp containing internal coils. Current in the coils generates a fluctuating magnetic field. This induces currents in the component, producing heat. Because this heat is generated within the component, not the clamp, the process is very efficient.

The heater generates a temperature difference between bearing and shaft. This causes the bearing to expand, so that no force is needed during installation. It can also heat other ring-shaped, metallic components.

The unit’s intuitive interface allows the user to select either Temperature Mode or Time Mode. An LED indicator shows when the TMBH 5 is in operation – as it hardly makes any noise.

TMBH 5 Benefits and features:

  • Silent in operation
  • Portable, compact and lightweight (3 kg)
  • Uses advanced medium-frequency technology
  • Choice of power settings
  • Accessories fit into convenient side compartments
  • No need to choose separate yoke for each component
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Handles bearings up to 5 kg in weight
    1. Operation
      The TMBH 5 runs in Temperature Mode – where the operator selects the desired bearing temperature – or Time Mode, allowing a bearing or component to be heated for a specified period.
    2. Portable
      Medium-frequency technology and the use of appropriate materials make the heater lightweight (just 3 kg) and portable. A built-in handle, and storage pockets for ancillary equipment, increase its portability and convenience.
    3. Versatile
      Because of the thin fingers of the induction clamp, the user does not need to choose a different yoke for each component. This means a wider range of different components can be heated – and reduces the number of accessories needed.
    4. Power regulation
      TMBH 5 has a variety of power settings, allowing it to heat sensitive components – such as bearings with shields, or metallic inserts in the seals – more slowly if required.
    5. Noise level
      The underlying technology that heats the components operates silently. Because it is so quiet, an LED indicator is needed, to show that the heater is operating.
  • The TMBH 5 portable induction heater package includes:

    • Portable induction heater TMBH 5
    • Magnetic K-type 600 mm temperature probe TMBH 5-3
    • Clamp TMBH 5-4
    • Bearing stand TMBH 5-5
    • Heat resistant gloves TMBA G11
    • Operating instructions
  • Designation  TMBH 5/230V
    TMBH 5/120V
    Application 1)  
      Bearing weight 2) up to 5 kg (11 lb)
      Min. bearing bore diameter 20 mm (0.8 in.)
      Max. bearing bore diameter 100 mm (4 in.)
    Max. bearing width  50 mm (2 in.)
    Maximum Power  TMBH 5/230V: 350W
    TMBH 5/120V: 350W
    Voltage and frequency  TMBH 5/230V: 230 V ±10%, 50/60Hz
    TMBH 5/120V: 120 V ±10%, 50/60Hz
    Max. current consumption  TMBH 5/230V: 2A
    TMBH 5/120V: 4A
    Temperature Control  40 to 200 °C (104 to 392 °F)
    Time Control  5 seconds – 60 minutes
    Demagnetization  The heater does not magnetize
    Dimensions  275x270x180 mm (10.8x10.6x7.09 in.)
    Total Weight  3 kg (6.6 lb)
  • The TMBH 5 can handle bearings up to 5 kg in weight, with a minimum bore diameter of 20 mm, a maximum of 100 mm and a maximum width of 50 mm. It also incorporates accessories to ensure safe, efficient heating. These include: a 600 mm temperature probe; a heater clamp; and protective gloves. All items can be stored in an external compartment, further enhancing the unit’s portability and convenience.

    Spare Parts

    TMBH 5-3 Temperature probe, magnetic K-type incl. cable 600 mm (23.6 in) and plug
    TMBH 5-4 Heating clamp (incl. cable and plug)
    TMBH 5-5 Bearing stand
    TMBA G11 Heat resistant gloves, one pair